Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trouble with Amazon's reporting of sales

Has anybody had trouble with Amazon's reporting of sales during the past three weeks???

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Information requested.

Has anybody had trouble logging onto my website at

Improving western rangeland

When I was district manager for BLM in Richfield Utah District in the 1970's, a graduate student came and did a study for her masters thesis. She studied the composition of plant species before and after a rangeland fire. She found that the composition of plant species was much improved, ie. more species and of a more desirable mix after the fire. That report might be of interest to you and your group. Another bit of info. I did a study when I was chief of resources in the BLM Albuquerque District on how watersheds heal after severe erosion. The major finding was that healing starts at the very top of the watershed, at the very headwaters of each rivulet and works down stream as the increased vegetation lessens the impact raindrops have upon the soil and also holds more moisture to slow runoff. Of course that is what a person should expect if he would but stop and think,.Still many people look for improvement all over the watershed and are disappointed when it is not readily visible. Good luck in your endeavor to improve western rangelands.