Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creative Writing Class

On this past Tuesday, I was invited to speak to the creative writing class at Loudoun County High School. This was a lively bunch of senior graders. We discussed writing novels and poetry. I was impressed by some of the poems the students had written. They wanted to know about ebooks and getting an agent. They were disappointed when I told them that getting an agent was darn tough. Still I encouraged them to write, if they felt the urge. I showed them the different publication methods of books, from hard back to paperback, large print, voice on tape, voice on tape for the blind, and lastly I showed them a sample of my books that had been produced in braile, wherein a person both blind and deaf can read with his or her finger tips on raised dots on paper. 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting discussion. I was wondering after reading this why it's so hard to get an agent? Was hoping to start looking for one myself with in the next year but I continually hear how hard it is to sign with one. Why is that?