Friday, June 1, 2012

DREAM HITCHER, my novel number 21 has been published

Dream Hitcher is a violent detective story and a fine love story combined. It is a story about Dan and Kristin, both ex-Marines, who have returned home to the States changed, damaged by their fighting and killing in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it is about Colonel Dream Maker who can lead men into wonderful dreams, and it is about Anubis who can't dream but is addicted to dreaming.
The story begins -
Two white men fought bare-knuckled in an iron cage erected in the vacant end of the warehouse on the Chicago waterfront. Bright lights glare down from overhead and upon the fighters to show their expressions, every blow thrown. The cage was octagonal in shape and thirty feet in diameter. The thin iron rods forming the walls of the cage were spaced eight inches apart and thus provided a clear view of the fighters to the four hundred plus shouting, cursing men and women seated or standing in the tiered bleachers surrounding the cage.
This was not a fight with Marquis of Queensberry rules. The crowd had paid to see blood and they would get it for this was a brutal slugfest without a referee. The fight would continue until one man was beaten so badly that he couldn’t get up from the dirty canvas and must be carried from the cage.

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